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Drug abuse is a term used for the misuse of drugs. While the term usually brings to mind the "junkie" on the street corner, unfortunately it also applies to the person who does not take prescription drugs in the proper dosage or for the purpose they were intended.

Drug abuse occurs when any drug, whether it is illegal or illicit (such as a club or rave drug) or even legally prescribed by a health care professional is used for any reason other than that for which it was designed. Drug abuse also happens when a drug is taken simply to achieve a feeling of euphoria, sedation, or to induce hallucinations or other psychological anomalies.
Depending on the type of drug that is being abused, the effects on the human body will be different. Abuse of prescription drugs can lead to overdose, which can cause brain damage, organ damage, or even death.

Abuse of prescription drugs can also cause the body to build up a tolerance for the drug. As the tolerance level increases, the person finds that it takes higher and higher doses of the drug in order to even begin to feel the effects, much less achieve the desired feelings.
Illegal or illicit drug abuse can be especially dangerous on one's body.

The method of introduction into the body can cause problems. Snorting, or sniffing a powder form of a drug can cause nasal, bronchial tube, and lung abscesses. In addition, the septum, mucous membranes, and even the skin between the nostrils can all literally be eaten away.

Injecting drugs directly into the veins can cause scarring or vein collapse. In addition, because needles for injections are often reused or shared among users, the chance of contracting Hepatitis C or the HIV virus are increased.

The type of drug being abused is not, however, a factor. The fact that drug abuse is occurring, and that someone is suffering drug abuse and needs help is what should be considered.
Fortunately, drug treatment facilities are available to those who suffer from drug abuse or have a loved one who abuses drugs. By calling our 24-hour drug abuse hotline, you can obtain information from people who really care about the problem of drug abuse you may be facing, and want to help.

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